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Kanatbek Remix - Fast

Kanatbek Remix

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  • Дата премьеры: 6-09-2021, 07:53
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Техт песню Kanatbek Remix - Fast
I'm at, I'm at Sueco's, bitch

[Chorus: Sueco The Child & Offset]
Fast, four hundred on the dash
Fifty-five bills, buck fifty for the tax on the bag
I don't really like to brag
Vetements socks when I'm steppin' out at Saks
I'ma hit it in the morning 'cause I'm whiskey dickin'
Got my brother out in Cashville flippin' chickens (Hey)
Free bro from the can I ain't talkin' whippits
Bitch, I make beats and bad decisions (Offset)

[Verse 1: Offset]
Hit it, I'ma drop the top and show her titties (Hit it)
Stars in the ceiling, Wraith black, I'm a villain (Wraith)
Fuck it, stack the money up right past a million (Fuck it)
Hah, my flow be sick, I need some penicillin (Hah, hah, hah)
Get back, shawty tryna fuck me for these racks
Hellcat, slide on these niggas, they get whacked (Slide)
Better get your bitch, she on the ground tryna act (Act me)
Caught her in the lost and found fuckin' for a rack, ayy
What the deal is? (Huh) Don't care what the bill is (Bills)
And I take care all my gang in the village (Gang)
I got real rich (Rich), pop the seal quick (Drank)
Board a jet, I done took your bitch on field trips (Hey)